Friday, December 10, 2010

Hardcore Baker

We had a terrible couple of weeks around my house. We were forced to brake our lease & move because of plumbing issues and had just a few days to find a new home and move. It's been chaos. To top it off our new house didn't have an oven at all- nor a place to put one. I know, WHAT?! Thankfully our new landlords were willing to pay my husband to install an oven. I've gotten behind on Christmas orders and my life has been hectic.

I haven't been baking much, but I HAVE been getting lots of tattoos. This is what's going on right now.


My husband practically begged me not to get this one but I wanted it with all of my little bad baker heart and followed my desires. I love it and it is husband approved.

Cookie Queen Tattoo!

This is the first element is what is to be my "baking sleeve" - a tattoo that will eventually stretch from my right wrist to my shoulder cap. She is from Walt Disney's "Silly Symphony - Cookie Carnival" charater the Cookie Queen, except made to look a bit more like me. :)

Check out the old school cartoon!

Sleeve  Element No 2

The piping bag was added last night. We decided to fill it with something comparable to Americolor Electric Green - most awesome food coloring ever. This is actually my third crown tattoo, which wasn't planned at all. I think I need to stop getting crown tattoos!

Tattoo Stencil

Here you can see the design better on the tattoo stencil before it's wrapped around my arm.

Off to catch up on Christmas Orders. Stay tuned for more confectionery ink soon!

xhardcoreXbakerx OUT! <3

P.S. Suggestions for future sleeve filler are very much welcomed!

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